Research Projects

PERFORM will tackle Digital Retail challenges through a combination of training and research. The research projects of PERFORM will develop new methods, concepts and technology implementations for retailers. The projects will be conducted by PhD candidates at different organizations. The following table provides an overview of these projects.

PhD#     Country Host Project
PhD 1 Linneaus University (LNU) Transformation Paths of Established Business Models towards Digital Retail
PhD 2  Linneaus University (LNU) A Road-Mapping Tool for Sustainable Business Model Development in Digital Retail
PhD 3 Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Compliance Monitoring Legal Risks for Digital Retail
PhD 4 Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Psychological Determinants of Dynamic Channel Selection in the Context of Digital Retail
PhD 5 University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHO) Analysing In-Store Retail Experience
PhD 6 University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FHO) Conversion Optimisation Techniques along the Customer Journey
PhD 7 Maynooth University (MU) Digital Retail Technology for Small and Medium Retailers
PhD 8 Maynooth University (MU) Technologies for Integrated Digital Retail Systems
PhD 9 TU Eindhoven (TUE) Demand Shaping Strategies in Omni-channel Retailing
PhD 10 TU Eindhoven (TUE) Last Mile Delivery Methods using Smart Logistics Concepts in Omni-channel Retailing
PhD 11 Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG (RLB) Big Data Opportunities for Enhanced Digital Retail Business Processes
PhD 12  Maynooth University (MU) Digital Retail Reference Scorecard and Visualisation
PhD 13 AWS-Institute for digitized products and processes (AWSi) Recommender Systems for a Connected Customer Journey
PhD 14 AWS-Institute for digitized products and processes (AWSi) Using Mixed Reality for Enhanced Product Experience
PhD 15 Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG (RLB) Innovative Payment Paths for Digital Retail