PERFORM Consortium

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Training Networks are conducted by consortiums of academic an non-academic organisation. Depending on their role in the project these organisations can be considered “benficiaries” or “partner organisations”.


Beneficiaries are legal entities that contribute directly to the implementation of the research training programme of the network by recruiting, supervising, hosting and training researchers. They may also provide secondment opportunities. Beneficiaries are signatories to the Grant Agreement of the project, receive funding, claim costs, and take complete responsibility for the proper implementation of the proposed research training programme.
See a list of PERFORM beneficiaries here.

Partner Organisations

Partner organisations complement the research training programme but do not recruit any researchers. They provide additional research and transferable skills training and/or secondment opportunities. They can also deliver the doctoral degrees. Partner organisations can be academic or non-academic organisations, located in any country. They are not signatories to the Grant Agreement of the project.
See a list of PERFORM partner organizations here.