Research Project #10

Topic: Last Mile Delivery Methods using Smart Logistics Concepts in Omni-channel Retailing

Project Description: Omni-channel retailers make use various channels (such as online, store, mobile, etc.) as sales and marketing outlets. However, these new outlets can also be used to facilitate innovative (and perhaps cost-efficient) last mile delivery mechanisms (e.g. buy online/pick up in store). The objective of this project is to develop models that integrate transportation models with revenue management concepts in order to examine the settings in which such delivery options are profitable. By taking both upstream (consumer behavior) and downstream (retailer’s distribution network, cost, etc.) factors into account, this project strives to create an integrative framework for demand-driven last mile delivery operations in an omni-channel setting.

Researcher: This research project will be carried out by ESR 10 Albina Galiullina.

Host Supervisor: The PhD student will be jointly supervised by Dr. Nevin Mutlu and Dr. Tom van Woensel within the OPAC (Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control) Group of the School of Industrial Engineering at TU/e.

Host Institution: TU/e is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. The School of Industrial Engineering is one of the longest-established IE Schools in Europe, with a strong presence in the international research, design, and education community, especially in the field of Operations Management and Operations Research. The graduate programs (MSc, PDEng, and PhD) in Operations Management & Logistics attract top-level candidates from all over the world. The OPAC Group closely collaborates with industry partners, and has an excellent track record of conducting practice-based research. The research and education at the OPAC group of the School of Industrial Engineering has specific emphasis on:

    • Planning and Control in Manufacturing, Services, and Supply Chains;
    • Distribution Logistics;
    • Maintenance and Reliability;
  • Finance and Accounting, oriented towards operational processes.

Secondments: This position includes 2 secondments to a partner organisation. The planned secondments will be to

    • BlueRock Logistics (under supervision of Prof. Dr. Hein Fleuren and Wouter Lammerse), in month 18 for 2 months, for ‘concept feedback’.
  • BlueRock Logistics (under supervision of Prof. Dr. Hein Fleuren and Wouter Lammerse), in month 30 for 2 months, for ‘model testing and validation’.