ESR14 – Shubham Jain – Testimonial

Shubham Jain

ESR 14

AWS-Institute for digitized products and processes


Born and raised in New Delhi, after my high school I took up Computer Science as my engineering major for my bachelors in a small town in India called Pilani. I took up an internship in Bangkok, Thailand during thistime which boosted up my interests in following academia and working in different cultures. These interests fueled up by European history books and some connections in France led me to choose Nantes, France for my master’s in Visual computing. Following the plan of perusing academia and continue living in Europe, I opted for the position at AWSi, Saarbrucken in Germany to be a part of project PERFROM as an Early Stage Researcher.

Surrounded by ITN/ETN fellows and professors during my master’s studies, “Marie-Curie” and “ITN” were always the buzzwords floating around. The idea of collaborative research and multiple relocations in the form of secondments and training weeks really attracted me. One of the challenging aspects of relocating to Germany was the language and dealing with the early bureaucracy. On the contrary, the rewarding aspect was the landscape that the city of Saarbrucken offers, which falls somewhere between a small town and a big city.

As an Early stage researcher, I think the best thing about working in PERFORM is the team which constitutes of intellectual and open-minded people who are passionate about research. Diverse opinions about topics can really help opening your mind which I think is needed to be a good researcher. I find my IRP unique in a way that I am the only one working with digital reality technologies and the idea of ‘Mixed Reality’ technologies in daily lives still seems “futuristic” to most people. So far, my experience has been good and rewarding in terms of knowledge. I think I learned a great deal about the dynamics of working as a researcher and what this career entails.

MSCA fellowships having a respected reputation in academia, I think will really help me putting myself on the map. The way the whole program is structured offers opportunities to gain insights on a  broader scale and not just the individual research project which could really be helpful towards professional development. While on the private life front, getting out of the comfort zone and experiencing new countries and cultures is always enticing for me as a person along with the opportunity to travel so much puts up the cherry on the top. Upon concluding the work at PERFORM, my long-term goals lie in following a career in academia. The next step for me would be to find appropriate research projects to be involved in to continue my research practice.

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