PERFORM will implement a training programm to prepare the next generation of Digital Retail Managers. This training will be tailored to fit the needs of the PhD candidates to prepare them to tackle the research projects and finish their PhD.

There will be multiple categories of training:

  • Induction and Research Integrity Training: PhD candidates will participate in an induction training offered by each host organisation and will participate in an online training module on Research Integrity offered by DCU. This will provide the basis for working on the research projects by conveying research ethics and scientific conduct.
  • Network-wide training events are organised twice annually, each with a duration of one week. They include a mix of structured training elements and knowledge exchange (company visits, progress workshops, visiting researchers). The following table contains an overview of network-wide training events. The training event (T3) will be combined with the midterm project review. The final training event will be combined with a conference on Digital Retail.
  • Training (electives): All PhD candidates will have a tailormade Personal Career Development Plan that lays out which training they will need to tackle their research projects. PhD candidates will have a range of options of research training they can choose from. Some research training elements will be delivered during the network-wide training events (see below) and others locally as part of their PhD enrolment, hosting and secondment. Each organisation offeres specialised modules based on its expertise that PhD candidates can take:
    • MU: Enterprise Architecture, Supply Chain Management,
    • FHO: Digital Business Management, Mobile and Electronic Commerce
    • JKU: Business Informatics, Legal Aspects in Digital Business
    • TUE: Business Process Management, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems
    • LNU: Digital Business Models, Business Model Development
    • AWS: Digital Business Models Workshop and lecture series about digital transformation and innovations
    • RLB: Workshop on the development and rollout of mobile payment solutions, mobile banking and payment
  • Individual Training: Training will also be incorporated into the individual research projects assigned to each ESR. As topics are specific to each researcher, the training will be guided by the personal supervisor.
 Network-wide Training Events & ConferencesLocationThemeLead InstitutionDate
T0ESR Scientific InductionDublin, IEResearch PracticesDCU08.10.2018-12.10.2018
T1School I & Annual Research SummitVäxjö, SEWP1LNU14.01.2019-18.01.2019
T2School IILinz, ATWP2JKU03.06.2019-07.06.2019
T3School III & Annual Research Summit + Mid-Term ReviewDublin, IEAllMU07.10.2019-11.10.2019
T4School IVSteyr, ATWP3FHO20.04.2020-24.04.2020
T5School V & Annual Research SummitEindhoven, NLWP4TUE05.10.2020-09.10.2020
T6Final School & Digital Retail ConferenceMaynooth, IEAllMUJun. 2021