Research Work Packages

Via results from our research projects, PERFORM tries to contribute to creating a coherent customer experience for Digital Retail by combining online and traditional offline retail to an integrated Omnichannel system. We do this by addressing the following 4 research objectives:

    • Develop sustainable business models for the Digital Retail sector.
    • Examine approaches to increase the customer experience along the customer journey.
    • Investigate how technologies can be used to provide innovative Digital Retail services and create a unique customer experience.
    • Develop knowledge base on Digital Retail operations and analytics.

Following this structure, we conduct research in 4 work packages.

WP1 - Digialisation of Business Models

In this work package we will identify needs to modify currently applied traditional retail business models and develop recommendation to provide normative guidance on how to execute a change process towards Digital retail business models. LNU and JKU will collaborate and offer their respective experiences in the digitalisation of business models (LNU) and legal restrictions (JKU) regarding success factors and obstacles.

Associated Research Projects

WP2 - Digital Retail Customer Experience

In this work package we will investigate concepts, methods and tools for the improvement of customer experience in Digital Retail by (i) examining the major social-psychological factors which affect channel selection (JKU), (ii) investigation how to analyze in-store behaviour of customers (FHO), and (iii) analysing existing frameworks, established theories and tools to develop a conversion framework for Digital Retail (FHO).

Associated Research Projects

WP3 - Digital Retail Technologies

In this work package we will investigate how technologies can be used to provide innovative Digital Retail services and create a unique customer experience. We will focus on technologically advanced retailers as well as develop concepts that focusses on the technological aspects both from the consumer and the retailer perspective. This WP will investigate how leaders in different groups of retailers implement technologies, what results were achieved and what problems were accounted during and after system implementation and integration.

Associated Research Projects

WP4 - Digital Retail Operations and Analytics

In this work package we will develop a knowledge base on Digital Retail operations and analytics related to pricing, inventory, and logistics decisions. Retail Operations become more complex with the digitalisation of retail channels. Various Digital retail scenarios will be analysed and modelled to develop (i) decision support for pricing, inventory and last mile delivery (ii) guidelines for consumer interaction data analysis based on Big Data methods, and (iii) digital retail reference scorecards that integrates channels along the customer journey.

Associated Research Projects