Research Project #5

Topic: Analysing In-Store Retail Experience

Project Description: The objective of this project is to (i) identify and evaluate technologies for attention estimation, both infrastructure-based (e.g. by cameras, sensors) or body-worn (e.g. using smartphone sensors or wearables) and (ii) explore how this data can be integrated with existing user profiles to analyse in-store retail experience (including influence of gender). The knowledge gained in this project will demonstrate how customer behaviour can be tracked and analyzed in-store to provide tailored services.  

Researcher: This research project will be carried out by ESR 5 Gabriele Obermeier.

Host Supervisor: This position is supervised by Dr. Andreas Auinger. Andreas Auinger is head of studies of the master study programme Digital Business Management and head of the of the Digital Business research group at the FHO. He has led and worked on more than 15 R&D projects over the last 13 years as far as Digital Business, Digital Marketing and Information Systems are concerned.

Host Institution: The research group Digital Business of  FHO investigates the continuous development in the field of digital media and how it creates changes on both an organizational and a societal level. Main research topics of the group are marketing, Internet business models, digital retail and decision-making processes in online-environments. The methods used range from the traditional methods of empirical social research to innovative procedures from cognitive neurosciences.

Academic Supervisor: Since FHO does not provide PhD programs academic supervision for the PhD will be held by Prof. Höller at Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU). Prof. Höller is head of the Institute for Digital Business at JKU. He studied business administration and law and received doctorates in both from JKU. He qualified as an associate professor for information processing and information law.

University: The Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) is a young university with a unique focus on socio-economic, legal, natural/technical sciences and medicine. The Institute for Digital Business is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business with Departments for Digital Business and Digital Education.

Secondments: This position includes 2 secondments to partner organisations. The planned secondments will be to

    • NTS Retail (under supervision of Doris Zachhuber), in month 14 for 3 months, for ‘introduction and hands-on training of in-store technologies’,