PERFORM at the Human-Computer Interaction International Conference 2019 in Orlando, Florida (USA)

Four ESRs and two supervisors of the PERFORM project attended the 21st Human-Computer Interaction International Conference, which took place in Orlando, in the sunshine state Florida, USA, from 26th to 31st of July 2019.

All researches of the session „HCI in eCommerce and Consumer Behavior“

Gabriele Obermeier, Robert Zimmermann, Artem Bielozorov, Shubham Jain, Dr Andreas Auinger and Dr Martin Stabauer,  joined the conference to present the results of their most recent research and meet colleagues from the field of human-computer interaction (HCI).

The following papers have been presented by the group and are available in Springer’s LNCS Conference Proceedings of HCI in Business, Government and Organizations (Vol. 11588 and 11589):

  • Human-Computer Interaction in Physical Retail Environments and the Impact on Customer Experience: Systematic Literature Review and Research Agenda by Gabriele Obermeier and Andreas Auinger (see Springer Link for full text)
  • Smartphones as an Opportunity to Increase Sales in Brick-and-Mortar Stores: Identifying Sales Influencers Based on a Literature Review by Robert Zimmermann, Andreas Auinger, and René Riedl (see Springer Link for full text)
  • The Role of User Emotions for Content Personalization in e-Commerce: Literature Review by Artem Bielozorov, Marija Bezbradica, and Markus Helfert (see Springer Link for full text)
  • Current State of Mixed Reality Technology for Digital Retail: A Literature Review by Shubham Jain and Dirk Werth (see Springer Link for full text)
  • Prohibiting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in Companies: Effectiveness and Efficiency vs. Satisfaction by Andreas Auinger and Werner Wetzlinger (see Springer Link for full text)
  • The Effects of Privacy Awareness and Content Sensitivity on User Engagement by Martin Stabauer (see Springer Link for full text)

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