ESR6 – Robert Zimmermann

Robert Zimmermann


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Who am I?

My name is Robert Zimmermann and I am from Berlin – Germany.

Before becoming part of PERFORM I studied Business Administration (B.A) and International Marketing Management (M.A.). My ESR project has the topic “Conversion Optimisation Techniques along the Customer Journey” which fits very well to my research interests. The reason for this is that in the past 5 years conversion optimisation techniques have been a constant part of my academic as well as professional everyday life. For example, I dedicated my bachelor thesis to the topic of which factors of amazon reviews lead to an optimized conversion rate. Furthering this topic my master thesis analysed which factors of product review blogs lead to an optimised conversion rate. Additionally, in my former jobs as Campaign Manager and Brand Performance Analysist at a German medium sized e-commerce company I optimise the conversion rate of numerous electronic products using state of the art analytics and personalisation tools on a daily basis.

I participate in PERFORM because it will help me to enhance my knowledge about the topic of conversion optimisation techniques by further developing my research and analytical abilities. I am delighted to transfer my knowledge about e-commerce conversion techniques to the brick and mortar business and strongly believe that my experiences will be highly beneficial for this field of study.

Furthermore, I love to once again study and thrive in a dynamic international environment such as the PERFORM project. I am sure my contribution will be beneficial to both the PERFORM project and the academic community as a whole. In return the PhD program will help me obtain precisely the advanced business knowledge I need in order to widen my current understanding of conversion optimisation techniques.

However, life consists out of more than just work and in my free time I like to play the guitar, go to sports and from time to time enjoy a gaming session. In summer you are most likely to find me on one or another festival and the rest of the year I try to see as much of the world as I can

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