Research Project #1

Title: Transformation Paths of Established Business Models towards Digital Retail

Project Description: Global competition in highly dynamic retail markets demands companies to detect changes in its corporate environment early to be able to take effective actions. Thus, a key aim of this research project is to investigate barriers and key success factors in the digitalization of retail business models.

Supervisor: This position is supervised by Dr. Darek M. Haftor, who is full professor at Linnaeus University with specialization in Digital Business. Prof. Haftor directs of the “Gunilla Bradley Centre for Digital Business”, a multidisciplinary research team that focuses on how to use digital technologies to create economic value. Prof. Haftor is frequently acting as an expert for various academic and industrial contexts in Sweden and internationally.

Host Institution: Linnaeus University is one of Sweden’s newest higher education institutions. LNU offers ca. 180 degree programs, and 2,500 single-subject courses to more than 30,000 students at all levels, with is 2000 staff members. Its various scholarly disciplines are organized into five main Faculties: Technology, Economics and Business, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. The position is hosted at the Department of Informatics that conducts research and offers educational programs in information systems.

Secondments: This position includes 1 secondment to a partner organisation. The planned secondment will be to

  • the firm Scheer GmbH, in Germany, beginning of year three of studies, for a period of four months. The aim with that field study is to investigate ‘examination of the existing business model practice’.