PERFORM Contributes to the 15th International Business Informatics Congress in Potsdam, Germany

Exhibiting the conference’s theme “Changing Landscapes – Shaping Digital Transformation and its Impact”, two supervisors and two ESRs visited the renowned International Business Informatics Congress (WI2020) in Potsdam, Germany. From a previously brick-and-mortar dominated shopping experience, nowadays, a customer’s shopping journey can include multiple channels like online shops or mobile apps. Hence, there is no doubt that the digital transformation has an enormous impact on the retailing sector.

Riedl and Hermes

Anna Hermes and Prof. René Riedl used this thematic focus to present the paper “The Nature of Customer Experience and its Determinants in the Retail Context: Literature Review”.
(Access to paper:

Robert Zimmermann and Andreas Auinger contributed with the paper “Identifying Brand-Owned Touchpoints Along the Digital Retail Customer Journey – A Practical Approach”
(Access to paper:

The good reception of both papers in the business informatics community underlines the importance of digitization in retail.

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