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Anna Hermes


Johannes Kepler University

Who am I?

In 2016, I received my Master’s of Science in Mass Communication, Journalism, with honors from the Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, USA. For my extraordinary contribution on Campus, especially as the Vice President of the International Student Association, I was also named Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Professionally, I have been working in corporate communications for over 10 years, and I gained experiences in marketing and public relations of startups, government, and academic organizations in Germany as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.

My master’s thesis is based on the Uses and Gratification Approach and focuses on interactive online advertising features. The purpose of this study was to research how and why users engage with interactive features in online ads for example hyperlinks. The findings can help companies to incorporate interactive online advertising features while having the customers’ needs in mind. My customer-centric approach also helped me during my professional journey, where I worked in online communication strategy development, user research, campaign management, search engine optimization, website development, as well as content development and blogging.

My mission for the PERFORM Innovative Training Network is to provide knowledge in the area of consumer psychology and Customer Experience (CX) in retail. Thus, the goals of my research are to contribute with academically valuable knowledge on the one hand, but also to provide very practical findings to help retailers cope with the challenges of today’s connected online and offline world on the other hand.

I am looking forward to getting in touch with you – please email me or connect via LinkedIn.

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