Invitation to Webinar – Digital Retailers and the Dynamics of Digitalization within the EU

We cordially invite researchers, practitioners, enthusiasts and students of Digitalized Business Models to join us for a webinar on 17 Nov, 2020 at 11.45-13.15. Researchers from the PERFORM Project Work Package 1 will be presenting a webinar to master students in three programs and to project members of the newly established knowledge environment Digital Transformations  of Linneus University, Sweden.

“Digitalization has affected almost every industry and retail is no exception. The last two decades are marked with business transforming technologies such as cloud computing, the growth of mobile digital business platforms based on smartphones, netbook computers, and social networks by managers to achieve business objectives. Due to a continuous change in technology, management, and business processes, retailers are faced with a number of challenges such as creating and capturing value from digital technologies, keeping the customer experience seamless with a combination of sales channels i.e. physical store and online sales (omnichannel), as well as compliance with the strengthening data privacy regulations especially within the EU. This webinar aims to enlighten retailers, managers and future retail managers enrolled in the master program about challenges and factors that affect the transition from tradition to digital. Also, provide insights on the success factors and compliance guidelines.”
More information about the topics, access information and speakers is available in the link below:


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