ESR10 – Albina Galiullina

Albina Galiullina

ESR 10

TU Eindhoven​

Who am I?

My name is Albina Galiullina, I am ESR №10 at Eindhoven University of Technology. Originally from Russia, I obtained my BSc and MSc degrees from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. There I gained solid knowledge in Physics and Mathematics. Throughout my education, I combined studies and research work and acquired varied laboratory experience. I worked at several biophysical laboratories where studied the structures of proteins, genetics, and numerical modeling. At the same time, I tried myself at in the role of a social entrepreneur. After that experience, I chosen to expand my education into a more action-oriented area and I started a Master’s program in the Management of innovation projects. Here I was introduced to the subject of operation research and decided to study in depth this area. The goal of my Master thesis was a generation and optimization of the graph of a venture capital market. I also have knowledge in retail industry due to my work experience as an analyst for a trading company. And I am glad that the topic of our future research is within this field. As for me, the primary attractive feature of PERFORM program is in the close connection between academia and industry. I am enthusiastic about practical applications of mathematics for real business challenges and look forward to the start of my project!

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