Coronavirus and Retail: Top 6 Big Data Analytics Applications

The coronavirus crisis imposes unexpected challenges. Businesses, especially retailers, are facing closures of physical stores and need to deal with drastic changes in the behavior of their customers. It is time to promote awareness of how digital technologies and Big Data analytics can support retailers in facing challenges imposed by this pandemic.

PERFORM has prepared an infographic with the top 6 applications enabled by Big Data analytics to consider now and after the COVID-19 crisis. We aim to guide retailers on the benefits of a digital and data-driven culture, and how it helps to react quickly, make informed decisions, and support customers.

Nevertheless, when talking about data, retailers should also consider the privacy of their customers. PERFORM addresses this essential aspect through this article.

This infographic was developed by Douglas Cirqueira, Albina Galiullina, Somaye Torkaman and Gültekin Cakir, early-stage researchers within the PERFORM project.

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