ESR Interview: “Go Digital or Go Extinct during the Corona Crisis”

“SMEs need to make the first step to go digital now, seek support from research institutes, technology startups and collaborate more… ”

The corona crisis is still reality and led to drastic consequences for society and businesses. Many countries have initiated shutdowns to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. As we know, the retail sector is affected significantly. Non-food stores are closing, grocery retailers are struggling with maintaining supply. Especially, local, small and medium-sized retailers are affected heavily from lost sales and in most of the time from insufficient digitalisation measures.
Photo by Kate Trifo

ESR Douglas Cirqueira has talked with ESR Gültekin Cakir about the strategic and operational implications for retailers in the current crisis. The interview covers the following aspects:

  • Corona Crisis consequences for retailers from a business strategy point of view
  • Digitalisation and resilience as the way forward
  • Thoughts on consequences for retailers from an operations perspective
  • How SMEs should consider going digital now
  • Guidance and advice for SMEs

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