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Daniel Mora

ESR 13

AWS-Institute for digitized products and processes

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Mora, an industrial engineer from Maracaibo, Venezuela, where I achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering with a specialization in financial management. After starting an engineering solutions company in my home country, it becomes clear to me that the rapid development in large-scale data mining, analysis and visualization has an immense potential reorient and drive new areas of industry and business. Data science is the lynchpin for business and artificial intelligence applications in areas ranging from the trivial (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) to lifesaving (e.g. medicine and nuclear science). Being able to understand and drive this field’s development motivates me to learn this developing science, the reason this year I completed a Master in Data science for Complex Economic Systems in Torino, Italy, to understand the different models and applications that this area possesses. During this year I discover a passion: Recommender Systems, for companies and the importance of the recommender systems for the business of companies. Not only was this important, it was also the perfect fit for my background. The ERS Program is the perfect opportunity for me to investigate how consumers behave by analyzing data to find patterns. This helps create systems that can recommender products to better satisfy consumers’ needs, leveraging the companies’ business.

Also, I am a very motivated person who loves to learn new things and enjoys new experiences. Having worked as an entrepreneur and lived in other countries, I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, making good friends from all different continents. These experiences have developed my ability to adapt to different circumstances, cultures and relate to other people.

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