ESR11 – Douglas da Rocha Cirqueira

Douglas Cirqueira

ESR 11

Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich

Who am I?

I’m Douglas Cirqueira, a person fascinated by discussing and working on the development of technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence, to have an impact in business and academia. I am originally from Belém, the capital of the beautiful Amazon region in Brazil.

My academic background includes undergraduate studies through a Scientific Mobility Program at Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. Moreover, I hold my Bachelors in Computer Engineering and Master Degree in Applied Computing, with an emphasis in Data Mining, from the Federal University of Pará in Brazil.
My research interests include Data Science & Mining, Machine Learning, Computational Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Customer Management and Natural Language Processing.

My motivation to join the PERFORM Training Network has raised when I realized the potential the project has to challenge the status quo in the Digital Retail sector. We live in a data-driven era, full of opportunities to analyze the massive flow of information generated by consumers on digital platforms. I’m passionate about the idea of harnessing the power of this Big Data to enhance the state of art and practice in this field and other related areas.

Recently, I was part of a Research Lab in AI (LINC-UFPA) and a Research Center in Social CRM (SCRC), with a branch in Brazil. I have also attended a trainee in Leipzig, Germany, to give support on the provision of solutions in Computational Intelligence for the central SCRC office. In addition, I have also worked as a Data Science intern at Earshot, a Chicago-based company in the field of Big Social Media Data mining.

My hobbies include having fun with my family, to learn and talk about different topics, from ancient Egypt to the future on Mars. Besides, I enjoy sports, such as cycling and, as a good Brazilian, to play soccer with friends

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