Artem Bielozorov has completed his secondment at Kilkenny Group

Artem’s industry partner was Kilkenny Group, a medium sized Irish retailer with 17 shops in different cities across Ireland. The company is headquartered in Cork where Artem has been working from November 2019 until the end of February 2020.  During the secondment, Artem has been involved into multiple projects including participation in establishing innovation partnership, designing and conducting workshops, planning and managing development of the new e-Commerce platform, designing and implementing processes and more.

The first workshop which Artem helped to design and conduct aimed to map the phases of a customer’s journey on the new e-Commerce platform to allow uncovering pain points, gaps, and opportunities and to help gaining insights into how to provide a seamless end-to-end experience to customers on the new Kilkenny Group website.

During the workshop the participants had a chance to thoroughly elaborate on every phase of the customer journey and evaluate every action item which customers perform during the shopping journey.

Artem has also organized the range of focus-group discussions, semi-structured interviews, and customer surveys in order to identify the challenges the company was trying to overcome. Among the major contribution was the design of the Click and Collect process model, which the company was ready to impellent.

Kilkenny Group was very satisfied with the results and agreed to keep staying in touch for further projects and collaboration.

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