Andreas Auinger presents PERFORM at Industry Event

Dr Andreas Auinger of FHO participated in the annual event series E-Business Best Practices at the Faculty of Management of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria on 25th of October 2018. 250 representatives from industry and academia attended the event where digitalization experts from Erste Bank, McDonald’s Austria, Thalia Austria, Fronius International and University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria shed light on the opportunities and risks of the digital age.

Andreas Auinger spoke about the state-of-the-art of Digital Retail in his talk titled “Digital Retail – Current Developments in Research and Industry”. He presented emerging technologies in retail and the associated transformation processes to cross- and omni-channel retailing. EU customers should benefit from “seamless customer experience”.

Dr Auinger also showed how research studies are currently examining this phenomenon and how empirical results underpin the notion that the traditional brick-and-mortar retail sector has to adapt to changing customer behavior. Finally, Dr Auinger presented how the PERFORM project is going to contribute to solving these challenges via the research projects of our ESRs.

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