ESR Interview: “Big Data in Retailing during the Coronavirus Crisis”

“It is the time retailers need to value the data they have, or should have… it is not only about collecting that data, but also analyzing and leveraging it to help themselves in making informed decisions and enhancing their customers’ experience.”

The coronavirus crisis is affecting retailers through closures of physical stores and drastic changes in customer behavior. It is essential to promote awareness of solutions for retailers to overcome their current challenges. In PERFORM, one of our goals is to discuss the onboarding process of retailers towards the digital era, and how big data analytics can support their business processes.

Photo by Noam Galai | Getty Images

The ESR Gültekin Cakir interviews the ESR Douglas Cirqueira about the major impact of the crisis from an analytics point of view. The interview covers the following aspects:

  • Major lessons for retailers from a data and technological perspective during this crisis
  • The new data collection landscape
  • Practical examples of how analytics can help retailers to be prepared for this pandemic
  • Analytics impact in retailers business models now and afterwards

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